Monday, April 25, 2011

Mike little warrior..With Soft Hearted

He is our soft hearted boy. He can suddenly kiss you and hug you very tight.

He can suddenly say " Mom, Mike sayang banget sama mommy" (* Mom, Mike love you very much *).

He always can melting our heart with his smile.

He can say " Mom , capek ya " and without fail kiss all over your face.

He is our Obedient and polite boy. He never forget to say thank you very much, Youre welcome, Can I, And Pleaseeeee......

He can easily touched , one day He saw me crying very sad, And suddenly He crying very hard and sad too.. and asking me " mami , kenapa ?? mami kenapa ?? " And he keep crying until I stopped.

He can take care his sister. No one can touch his sister and make his sister sob. He can be very very angry and over protect.

He always ask permission when he wanting some toys " Mom, this toys expensive or not ? " if we say no expensive. " So can I buy " . if we say no mike, mommy dont have money. He can quietly understand. " Oh, Mami capek ya cari money ". He can understand why his mom & dad working so hard. So he can very careful using our money.

He loves to read story books with me. and letting his hand to be my head booster.

He can jump to our bed in the morning , and suddenly he can kiss your eyes, kiss your lips just to waking up us.


Who would believe our little tough boy who likes cars and very energetic , and sometimes very obey not listen us...But is apparently very soft on the inside.

We love you so much , Little Warrior.
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