Friday, April 8, 2011

My Sparkle Man

Things that I need to admit " why i can fallin in love with my man over and over again " :

1. He never and never forget always kisses me good nite , good morning and when say good bye.

2. Puts our marriage relationship before anything.

3. He loves me completely for me.. I've never been more myself

4. He always makes me feel soooo beautiful

5. He is the one who supportive of everything I Do

6. Never put his eyelash up, when listening my "out-box" thought. He always excited over the little things bout me.

7. This the best part why I love himm..sooo much. He can work harder than anyone , He can show his integrity and responsbility in his career and job.

8. He loves Children and kids to NO END.

9. He always stands up for me, and always give me a standing ovation.

10. He understands me like NO ONE ever has or ever will. ( my sillynes , my careless, my mood, etc )

11. We have the most fun when were together ( no boundaries ..i can so free talk in dirty word, silly conversation )

12. He loves me UN-CONDITIONALLY

13. The way he looks at me makes me melt. his glances will never change..and it is what i love bout him.

Eventough I find a man in Black Zegna Suit Very classy and sexy. I think the sexiest thing is a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get there.

But The most important part is Always "Put Family as his 1st priority" in any cases. Without any exception !

I love you more and more , Dear !! Pls keep the sparkle of our marriage every day for me.

~ Ever Mine - Ever thine - ever ours ~

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