Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Piece of Great life

Things that I really should be doing this half month:

1. Quaterly Meeting, three principle at the same week. ( arghh... what a great world )

2. On the spot visits to all of my customer to talk about their business plans with my principle

3. Review-ing Potential Customer & loyalty customer to set up some display room & racking. (*another market survey..pls take note xie "dont wear your Heels AGAIN". *)

4. Find Quotation - IPAD for My loyal customer

5. Meet MRA Group talking bout barter program

6. Talk to the Branches office about target,issue, Support needed by phone / Arranging biz trip next week.

8. Finish reading the Mind Mapping books (*wohoo friends, sabar ya aku pasti akan cepet2 tulis ringkasan mengenai hal ini*)

9. Fly to Malaysia for another Medical Checkup

10. Email & discuss-ing some project with my Friends @ BALI (*uuppss did u listen it 'B-A-L-I' *)

11. Arrange My parent's trip to Taipei ( Visa & Ticket )

Things that I really want to do this week:

1. Plaza Indonesia is on big sale.

2. Shopping & Holiday @Novotel Bogor Only with kiddos (*Hixx..since this week daddy will go for diving with his friends to SEPA island *)

3. Dreamless sleep.

4. Photo shoot with another wild idea.

5. Have another great dating nite with Hubby. I need more sparkle ,dad ! he he he he

Wanna switch life?
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