Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY : Make Your Own Decoration Table using Cupcakes Paper

What a lovely Flower decoration rite ?
These are so darling and soooo easy to make.
You could use them for so many parties decoration or
to decorate your own living / dining room.

Here We Go !!!

What You need :
Styrofoam ball Rp 10,000
Cupcakes liner {any color or style } Rp 12,000 ( For 1K/pcs )
Flower Pot Rp 12,000
A Glue Gun
Total Expenses Rp 34,000

First :
Take 1 Cupcake liner and Fold / scrunch the liners around
Put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the liners ,
stick the liners into the styrofoam

Dont worry The cupcakes liner are securely glued on the ball.

You need some helper to put your ball , you can put in the flower pot or on the tape. So the ball will not rolling.

Repeat untill the whole ball is covered with lovely cupcakes liners !

Tradaaa.... Voila !!
For this particular POM-POM , I left a space uncovered so i could set the ball on a large glass candlestick.

And Attach fishing line or a ribbon to hanger
You can make like this too , can be a beautiful lantern

Easy rite ?? So Happy Trying , Mommies !

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