Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quality time with my hubby

We both have a unique habit on spending our togetherness.
Our habit after we put our kids bed, we'll sit on the bed,put the tablet pc on our lap, he enjoying his android and me enjoying my ipad.

We do what we like , we keep busy browsing with our tablet.But our hands remained Clasped each other.
he loves reading headline news, or just following his forum at kaskus. And often read updated techie ,photography or bikey.
And me enjoying my window shopping, blogging, reading fashion blog or just admiring new fashion line.

And Yeahhh...we really enjoying OUR time.
We have many differences that we like, But from the difference, we can keep sharing and updating each other.

He keep updating me bout economic, government news, his hobbies, photography, bikey, techie.
And me love to share interesting fashion pic and fashion updating.
We can discuss one topic ..argueing... And do the conclusion until we statisfy.
I love how the way he argueing, try to convience me hee hee ... His funny cute face make me adore him so much.

So funny ya how we end our day on the bed.

How bout you, how u spend ur quality time with your husband ?
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