Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slice of Mind : Happiness in my tought

The simplest things in life are what make us happy eventually.
Warm and comfy home, Listen kids laughing laughter, Being loved,
And always knowing that somebody cant live without U.
Ahh.. I love you my family so much..No one can compare it.
Money only takes care the first part of happiness , but the 2nd and the 3rd have nothing to do with money. But with Love & Care.

Random thought : This 2 years I already made a BIG mistake. Now I'm relize.
Here is my real Happiness. My family. My Faith. My Soul-mate. My life. My freedom.My Passion. My Love.uumm...

Yesterday is history. And NOW ...its the time to fixed it. Create a great and beautiful destiny with my family.

I love you Didi... so so so so much. thanks always there and hang on for me.
I love you Kids ( M&M ) Mommies love you always.always. and always.
I love you Mom & Dad & bro.
I Love you Friends,

Im so sorry if in the past years im so ignorance and so stupid. Thanks God for this opportunity and this Bad & Good Experience. You made me !!

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