Friday, July 15, 2011

Bento Set : Struggling Bento

Bumble Bee bento for xian2

Bumble bee transfomer for Mike -
Ohman..i hate detail. You can see the logo..Very very bad !!

Life has been quite stressful and hectic for me these last few weeks.

Plenty of schedule in my task. From kids 1st day to school is really Driving me insane, refusing to wake up in the morning, Need to be a good PR for them. Pushing school rules, Explosive tantrum in the morning. refusing this and that. And I need to struggling with kids bento every morning. Prepared 2 kids bento with a tiny time. Its really make me panic and frustration. At nite , time for break but still can not. I need to struggling with their homework.

I have zillions of emails to reply, and my principle from overseas visiting us- need to entertain him and marathon meeting and dealing with him is really make me crazy take my full energy to argue. And we had 3 full days of Quarterly Business review with our branches which is make me insane too .. Need to do presentation, data analysis , Full concentrate while im so sleepy lack of sleep (*every morning need to wake up so early - 5 oclock ). And the tasks are piling up, and my TO-DO-LIST is just IMPOSSIBLE to done !!

However, I was stopped in my deep shit, when I heard my friends got sicked and pass away. I was completely shaken. I shed a few tears for her and who have been lost and for all ppl still survived with sickness. I heart you & I feel you .

Now I'm counted my blessing for today, And i was grateful for all that was good in my life. I dont want to grumpy anymore. I'll take all my hectic and struggling life as my compliment.

And to all my friends who love or hate me, I LOVE YOU !! :)

Happy Friday All !

PS : Tomorrow I got order 40pcs bento set for birthday party again...WooHoo..Im so excited. Wish me Luck,dear ! :)
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