Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Im Officially 30th YaaaY..

YaaY....The (birth)day finally came ..And Now Im Officially 30th.
But as I Said before on my Facebook :
" Age is just a Number not a state of mind. My age is 30th by mind is still 17th hee hee "

I really want to say
for all the texts, Messages, Cakes, Presents and most of all for the best wishes for me
God Bless You all, and It definitely made my day so blast..
Full of blast today :)

So Im 30 ! Im UP for it and ready to rockin' it the hardcore of life !!
This pic taken by hubby last nite at 12.00 am
Im still wearing my Pijamas, and already fall slept.
He gave me a surprise bday cake & Present (*very un-predictable present*)

Tradaaa....Full set of Bento Tools
(*drooollingg..keep asking Why bento tools ???*)
Im so surprised when hubby gave me this full set bento tools.
In my mind He will gave me Lomo Camera or
something smell like animal skin (*shoes or bag*).

But when I sneak out the present ...TRADAAAA.........
I was very shock ,between happy and whyyy ????

He said " You always made bento for me and kiddos. And we love your bento.
All your friends love it too. But at the moment you dont have any proper tools.
You always use manual way. So I prefer buy you this. To make your morning day more easier "
Aww...dont you think he so sweet ???

thanks a lot husband. I really do love and like your present. BIg Hugs and Big Kiss

In the morning before go to school. Mike still sleeping and very grumpy.
So we decide just take 3 of us picture
Smile :)

Blew the candle ! YaaY

Michelle : Happy birthday mommy , I love you :)
Mommy : Thanks dear , I love you more :)
Michelle : Sorry no present for you. I dont have any money.
Mommy : Its okay dear.. your big smile is already brighten my day.
Michelle : But when my bday coming, you can not just gimme big smile okay ??
Mommy : $#@$%

Will post more of my birthday photos this weekend! :O

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