Thursday, July 7, 2011

Insomnia OWL

I had an insomnia. I usually sleep at 9 or at least 10 o'clock. And this past 2 days.....OMG.. I cant sleep before 1 oclock. The tiredness is Eventough I slept very late. I still wake-up very early in the next morning. Oh..goshh. In the afternoon my patient will be full up and down (*yawning..and sleepy*)

And Last nite my 2 kids slept very late too (*they got my insomnia,maybe*) , They drove me crazy, They keep jumping on our bed, squeezing in our bed , four of us sleep in one small bed. And They keep talking and laughing very happy and wild. while I'm keep struggling to force my eyes to sleep. Hix.. at the end the kids slept at 12 oclock. and Me... Alone ..Still-Cant-sleep. I took my ipad and i read some books from there. and Yes.. I felt so sleepy, at the end I slept with Ipad on my lap.

Gift nail polish box from unknown (*weird*)

My sleepy & shiner eyes

Me :Dear, I think i need see a doctor /Psychiatrist ??
Hubby : Hah...NO ! You're just too excited, dear. When you too excited with something you will always like this. Your head keep rolling like dual processor.
Me : Ah to technical.... maybe signs of premature aging ?
Hubby : Oh... woman !!

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