Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Melrimba Garden

Another Place for your kids vacation - Back to nature. Come Visit MELRIMBA GARDEN , covering an area 2.5 acres of family rides in the peak area where the temperature reaches 16 degrees celcius. And the Fresh air is very cool ,and is surrounded by great views of the tea hills and the beautiful flowers.

Melrimba Garden is located about 1 mile after the Masjid At-Ta'awun Peak (Peak after tea plantations, before the restaurant Rindu Alam, and located on the left side of the road when we go to Bogor)

For visitors who are mostly urban people, eating good food with a wonderful atmosphere and clean air as in Melrimba guaranteed to make your mind and body refreshed.

Children are also happy and healthy as it can walk around or
walk around the flower garden, riding ATVs, Pleasure Boat, fishing and learning to play in the playground.

Options menu and taste of food in the kitchen Melrimba also very satisfying and the price is quite affordable.

Thanks to www.liburananak.com give a lot of information bout this nice place. :D

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Melrimba Garden
Jl Raya Puncak Km 87, Sindanglaya 43253
Bogor, Indonesia
Phone: (0263) 523 205 or 523 206

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