Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thanks being there & Being Present

Daddy attend Michelle's 5th birthday @Michelle's School

Daddy accompany mike 1st day school

Dad attend Mike's Dance Performance ( UN days )

Dad being there for this precious moment - Michelle's Graduation

We are so blessed have a great daddy like him. He always there for us , in every precious moment. Even he was so busy with his job, He will make time for us. He always make us as his 1st priority.

I always love say like this, there's no perfect dad and perfect Hubby, but there is DAD who always present and always give the best for his family.

Thanks Big daddy for your present & always being there for us. All precious moment with you is the most beautiful and complete.

I took this great article from Leony blog .and i would like to share this article for us :

Children treasure their moments spent with us, or in this case, with their Dads.And it’s not a surprise if what they remember the most about their childhood is simple things like, the times when they regularly play silly games with Dad before bedtime, or the time when their Dad took them to school on a rainy day.

Kids need to spend time with us (read: dads too).

Have dinner together. Make daddy-kids playtime a regular thing.

Only routine, quality and regularity can build a healthy sense of belonging.

The daddy who makes sacrifices in the name of relationship will be rewarded. The man who passes up the position that will bolster his income by twelve thousand dollars a year but send him out on the road for weeks at a time, the man who makes the choice to put relationship above everything else and who chooses to be present in the home, will make a profound difference in the lives of his children, especially his daughters.

A child will learn to see and treasure his/her father’s presence over time.

Father-affirmation isn’t accomplished in one big moment. Relationship isn’t a seamless concrete highway; it’s more like a gravel walkway, built by adding one tiny stone after another, one little deposit of time, one gesture of concern, one offering of sympathy.

You see... Our kids need daddies who is always there for them.... Thanks god for daddies :)

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