Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby 3rd ,Pregnancy Week 5 : PREGGIE !!

Big WOW ! Finally Iam Pregnant ! Yes..I know im still "early days " right now. but to see those 2 lines its really sent a joy to our family. (*especially my hubby..Big shock..And Yes he is expecting for Baby Dragon*).

[ Baby in tummy still 5mm , and mommy gained to 50Kg ]

Now , Frank speak I was filled with all greatest sense. Sense of happiness, Sense of shock, Disbelief, Excitement, but I feel so blessed and grace.

Big thank you to everyone who has emailed me, sent message through facebook, twitter & BBM. Its really incredible, Wonderful. thanks a lot dear all friends for your love who always pray for us and well wishes, Im really do so blessed so many ppl out there are thrilled for us.

Yess...This the Best Gift from GOD in my 30th years old.

(PS : again and again THANK YOU to you all dear friends )

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