Monday, September 12, 2011


I wish I have better words to explain my long gone absence for you gals.

The thing is that..I'm Feeling sick of everything, from looking at my laptop/iPad screen, to smelling my husband's perfume, Love to eat but love to vomit it all,very spoil with my hubby, Very cranky moody preggie lady.

Hey, life wasn't always that pretty on your first trimester of pregnancy.

Then, on my 9 weeks of pregnancy, a very very sad & unfortunate event went down. The big nightmare of all pregnant woman in the world, happened to us. It was a miscarriage. Just like that. I got a high fever until 39, all my body feel so ache and hurt, especially my tummy so hurt. But I try to fall sleep. In the next morning, We just relize that my pijamas pants full with blood. YaaY..Im bleeding. Rushing to hospital , event walking i Couldnt. When walking i can feel the blood is full in my tampons. :(

But thanks GOD, the doctor said " our baby angle is fine " but Me , need FULL Bedrest. Cant even sit or walk. And my doctor insist me to take rest in hospital. But somehow , this thing made me and remind my past medical history, I need to be more carefully, and cant be so tired and stressful.

Hm..Pls make it happend , dear God. Even I need to bet my life

The video above is beautifully made by Kai Z Feng ..Its very beautiful. I like it soo much :) its like what i Feel Right now , too :)

SIRENS from KAI Z FENG on Vimeo.

Yeah...Im so FRAGILE !!

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