Monday, October 17, 2011

Michelle & Me

Every nite Before go to bed we have our routine magic words , We must greeting each other and the situation every nite so crowded.We shout and greeting each other very loud " Good Nite mommy / Good nite daddy / Good Nite michelle / Good Nite Mike / Good Nite mbak annie / Good Nite mbak narti / Good nite all " .

But last nite michelle add some words make me sooooo melted and touched , she come to me and kiss me , she said :
Michelle : Mommy, I love you so much. You are my best friends.
Awww...She considered me to be her best friends. Im so touched. Yes...hopefully I can be your best best best best friends forever. I love you so much , dear !

[ Outfit : Cerise dress, CK shoes, Vintage Bag ]

Oww...Yess... I love Brittani Soo much, she is very gorgeous. And Yess...She is the winner of America's next top model. Woof..Im looking for her picture on VOGUE. And I love her new haircut.Its so me..I really want to cut my hair like this. But BIG not allowed me to do it. :( Dont you think she is so sexy ???

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