Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bento Set : Hot Dog Space

Another Guilty pleasure attacked me.. Ho ho ho.. After long long time get a baby"honeymoon", Im being sooo lazy to prepare breakfast or bento for kiddos. Just made some simple snacky. Sooowwwww..here is the lazy mommy maestro...YaaY :( I know..I know..something should not louder to shout (*embarrassing*).

[ Hot dog space - Bread & sausage , Grapes ]
easy cook for lazy mommy like me :(

Last nite I prepared Spinach soup with sweet corn & Bakwan udang jagung & Dori Goreng tepung for our dinner. Prepared just for15minutes. ( should i be proud ).
I know..Im lazy wife and mommy. All is Fried & Soup. Okayy...I promise you, I will start to collect good energy and start to cooking again (*cross finger*).

Happy Lazy day all :(

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