Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday , My Princess :)

Last week is the most busy week , Preparing My daughters birthday , She Turns 6 Now. YaaY. Michelle request her birthday themes is " HELLO KITTY ". So I decide to prepare and planning 2 weeks before her Happy day, All is cutomized homemade, From Goodie bag, Pop cake, Food, and so on.

Here is the Detail Peparation :

Hello kitty Invitation card .. I made it by myself. We made it personalized, One by one write the person we want to invited. Ya .. So many works, but we're so happy when we prepared this. (* I forgot to take the homemade envelope picture..*)

Goodie Bag..I made it bymyself too. Its very easy though. Just buy empty shopping bag, and cut some cartoon to make Hello Kitty eyes, nose and mustache. For the ribbon , i Print it. And Just glue it. Easy rite ...

Food course my own BENTO creation. First im just thinking to buy "hoka hoka bento".Im to lazy to prepare Bento. But Michelle asked me to made the food by myself. From noddle , Fried chicken , Pudding and Eggs. So with so muchhh love for her..I made it. Within 4 hours from 7 oclock in the morning ..Rushing with the time.. And YaaY..25Set HK Bento , It finally DONE.

Dessert table .. I just make it simple. Just Some lollipop candies with Hellokitty sticker, Macaroni, and Home made choco ball.

Birthday cake.. I Ordered the Birthday cake from MIRA CAKE. From year to year, i always order from them. because of the delicious cake and the cute decoration. The kids love it so much.

And the party went very awesome..all the kids so happy, especially the birthday girl. She sooooo happy got lot of present and best wishes. Thank you everyone for your kindly wishes for my princess.
And thank you so much -Daddy already make a time to attend your daughter's birthday party, even tough just came for 10 minute coz still need to attend important meeting, but for michelle its really very meaning full. thank you daddy :)

At nite we had a private dinner party with all our family member, to celebrate michelle and daddy's Birthday. It so much fun and happiness.. Umm..what a great day.

On this beautiful day, I pray to God to bless you with all the joy, happiness and glory in the world.
May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success.
I wish you a sensational Birthday.
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