Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Blast Day , Daddy !

Woww..Another year passed by.. now he turns 35 years old. How times flies... But Im so greatful can grow old and happy with you every year..

And Last nite, Im very exhausted , my working load like crazy, the traffic so damn crazy, and at home i still need to review michelle's exam. And I really dont have much energy to talk or have any conversation with BIG at dining table, At 9 i fallen sleep, but not forget to set alarm to wake me up at 12.

At that time.. my eyes cant open...shit..im soooo tired. I drag my body to refrigerator , I hide Marquis cupcake for his bday surprise. Yup, No birthday cake this year, BIG love this marquis kobe cake soooo much. So i bought this special for him, and i put some candle on it.

I saw he still sleep like a baby with his snore. I kiss him with a thousand of kisses on his cheeck to wake him up.. and Yeaaahh...SURPRISEEEE !

Happy birthday daddy :) So muchh kisses for you.....

He woke up and give me a very big smile. And he tell me

BIG : You know what, i already knew you will give me this surprise, your daugther keep telling me like this " dad, mom and I have a secret for you in the refrigerator..but i wont tell you..hi hi hi hi "

Me : OHHHH....Please, my daughter divulge our secret. so funny !

But overall We had a great midnite laughter and happiness. !

Morning ritual, We blow candles again with our kids before went to office and school. (*uupps..you can see my picture.. still pillow face.hi hi..still have not showered yet hi hi*)
And we ate some noodle to celebrate it... Kids so happy..cant stop kiss and congrat his daddy.

Here is big daddy smile, he got present. This year a very very humble present he got. No expensive gadget, camera or any hobbies stuff. Just some apparel he needed. SHOES & WALLET. Hope you like it , BIG !

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world. I feel so blessed to have found true love in your arms. I feel so proud to call you my husband.
May you be blessed with all that you have ever dreamt of. May your day be more rocking than last year ...More More success ...Keep in healthy ... Happy & Stay humble like the way you are and please always be our good daddy and hubby for us. .... We love you BIG !
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