Friday, January 27, 2012

Victoria Secret 2011

Who skiped the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011 Yesterday ?? An Incredible VS Fashion show from the sexiest Fab VS angels. I take this video from youtube.. Hope you can enjoy it too.

Andd.......Who is your favorite Angels ?? Me .... Still the brazilian HOT mama " Alessandra" :)

When I watched this Show my lil warrior cranky so hard .. " Why mommy watch this kind of movie. Sexy sexy girl..Pls change the channel mommy. Its very bad..bad bad "

Grrr... I cant watch the show peacefully. He keep cranky and shouting badly...

I said to lil warrior " Yes its bad for you, but its art and Passion for me, So please close your eyes, face palm  until the show end, okay "

 (*and you know what.. he take pillow and keep shouting  " bad movie..bad movie .." ha ha ha ha..

Sorry Lil warrior , mommy really want to watched this Fashion show...give me an hours yaa.. :) Smowachhh....:)

Picture take from HERE
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