Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Michelle miss her daddy so much ( daddy had overseas biz trip for whole week ).

Yesterday noon , after she came home from school. I saw she was very busy in her room. Then shortly, she came out carrying a sheet of paper that already cut in a love shape. With the inscription " I LOVE YOU DADDY " , Im very shocked and very proud of her. then she asked me :

Michelle : Mom, I made this for daddy. Pretty or not ?
Me         : Um..its very pretty dear.
Michelle : Arghh.. i know it's very ugly
Me         : Nooo..its very pretty, daddy will like it sooo much.
Michelle : lie to me, i can see from your face , but true ..true.. i dont like it. the love very weird ya, i Cut it not carefully. wait yaa !!! .
Me         : Huh ??? (* Her assuming character issss sooo meeee ..hehehe *)

( and she went to her room again ... )

Not so long..she came out again , with this creation ..she asked me to take her picture and send to her daddy, using BB Messenger. (* i can imagine his daddy face and " tears of JOY "*) ho ho ho ho

" I love daddy because daddy stay so long in my heart and
 thank you for buy me a shoes ..So  I love You "
Ha ha ha ha..what a weird love letter..but its really soooo sweeettt, dear :) 

Behind the paper...
" For daddy from Michelle...Full Of LOVE "

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