Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel Pressure But Feel Good

Preparing maternity leave and packing all my stuff from here (*office*),  lil bit stress and hectic. Pack in this mean, Its not just pack your stuff , but I need to pack all the 10 years memorize inside one big BOX. It became more harder when you look all your creation , port folio, achievement, friendship, and whole thing is set it up and DONE. I know it sound so cheesy, you already made decision and want to step a head, but you turn back your mind into 10 years a go. What should i do is ... Take the decision and take the advantage.

Come out from this comfort zone made me feel so nervous, anxious. In this place you can relax, you can do anything you want, you can handover all your job to your staff. And in office hour you can go everywhere you want, high tea-ing with friends , hang out, do your hobbies, without someone disturbing and bothering you. lot of facilities you can enjoy. Ahh.. Comfort Zone you have always been able to lull people to be unmotivated and become passive and lazy.And DANNGG.... I really need to come out from this dead zone , and prefer to work hard and determine the future of the new improvement of me.

So, Tradaaaa....I took the challenge. Welcoming New company, New vision, New Environment, New Target, New Income,...New and New. But its really NEW !!! Yeah.. I need to setup NEW COMPANY, that still ground from ZERO to HERO. I know, it will be lot of pressure. But Pressure is GOOD, When You can feel Pressured, it means you still have the desire to achieve.

Wish me Luck universe ... Time is ticking... Counting of my 3rd baby born and my new "baby" :)

oh Well...Great money follows Great works always :)
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