Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby 3rd : 34 Weeks - Heavy Big Tummy

Tradaaa....Im  currently at 34 weeks 

 I am BIG, and I am very super duper HEAVY. Wooffff... But Everything in my pregnancy has been going wonderfully fine and dandy. But Yess..I have never been THIS pregnant. Maybe its because of baby 3rd. and Ageing problem. It really HURT. Literally.....

I am getting rounded..tighter and heavier by the day.
It takes a phenomenal amount to effort to bend down to pick something up, or get up from chair or Off the floor... ohh ..GOD help me !
My Butt and vaginal very hurts when I sit.
My back very pain and hurts when I walk.
My baby love love and love to kicking and hiccups in the lungs and in the stomach and gastric.
Every time he moves, my tummy feels bloating like a balloon stretched to the limit.
When I go to sleep at night, I cant sleep well. Turn right...turn left..make me feel uncomfortable. Scared I can hurt him. And when i try to lay down, the pressure of the baby on my organs make it really hard to me to breathe....

Okay..Im a cranky BIG MUMMA....

If people see my half body, People will not aware that im pregnant.
Yes..My tummy just big rounded..But the others part of my body still OKAY.

It is terribly Ironic...that after spending almost 9 months time to enjoy my pregnancy. I now really want to be ...NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE !! ENOUGH...Last moment for me.

I miss My .....
Go for a very fast walk (*not snail movement*)
My hot make love
go for a bumpy car ride
Eat spicy food
Have a massage
bla bla bla bla and STOP.... Im happy mother now.. Releasing my cranky mood and stress with all this stuff ....YaaaY... Saturday shopping ..good therapy for preggie mommy.

My crazyness..I already prepare lot of outfit, from shoes,bag, dress for my after maternity leave. Very planning mommy , rite ? hi hi hi hi...

I bought Dorothy Perkins shoes on SALE for idr 800K, Pay less shoes only idr 250K, L'oreal eyeliner, eyeshadow,mascara for idr 500K, and the last ZARA dress (im not either fitting it..just admiring and take). for idr 600K. ....and Yes ...Im happy ! Go home with my gloooming smile :).

Happy Grumpy , Cranky , Gloomy day , Mommy :) 

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