Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby No.3 : Baby Kai 3 months Milestone

Baby Kai is almost 4 months old... Im not so updated mom lately :( sorry for my lazyness. 

Now Kai about 7.5kg (*Big baby*) He just feels like the same weight as a bag of rice.He's like a big monster baby compared to the fragile , helpless baby he used to be. uuuhh...such a cute baby boy. And  He such a good and lovely baby.

Kai had established a night time routine. He would go to bed at 8PM ~ 6AM. He sleeps 11-12 hours through nite, and takes a lonngg nap in the afternoon. He is our fave baby. 

He love to talk ..if he is awak, and someone carry him, and makes eye contact with him, he will immediately " anggu..gooo..guu.." talk back with his lovely smiles and little sparkle in his eye. Hah...it is sooooo sooo cute. He also love talking to his new friends- Mr.Owl. His koko made it for him. A very colorful Mr.Owl.  He'll happily chat with Mr. Owl every morning. We put his Mr.Owl on his bouncer. its very suppa cute, rite?

And He had his Great SPA time on his 3 months old. Such a leisure time for him. Swim, massage, drink milk and he got his deep sleep. He love his first time swim. We will take another SPA time, dear. Since mommy already take member for 6 times SPA @ Roi&Reine baby spa. 

 Im really really enjoying this baby phase. Thanks God for your lovely Gift and reward :)

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