Friday, August 31, 2012

Letting go

Everyone is weighted down. By their own burdens, and griefs. Their struggles and defeats.

It’s part of who we are, it’s our identity.
Each bring memories, memories that can’t soon be forgotten.
What we choose to do with these memories, is of our own choice.
We can choose to grow and become a better person.
We can choose to be forever weighted down with these burdens on our shoulders.

These choices will always be ours, and can never be taken away from us.

But when these choices become detrimental to us, we might not be able to see its effect.
We’ve become so caught up in ourselves and the decisions that we’ve made that it’s reached a point beyond the threshold.

So what now?

It’s during times like these it’s when those close to us step in.
Those close to us can see how these effects hurt us, they’re able to see the bigger picture.
They watch over us beyond the looking glass.
But this detrimental lifestyle that we now live, has inhibits our choice to accept their help.

Our resilience, our reluctance and unwillingness to listen is all caused by the hole that our choices have dug.

The longer we live like this, the deeper the hole becomes.
Harder and harder for us to climb out,
The helping hand that reaches out to us is extended longer.
The strain on them becomes harder as well.

All this weight that we carry, all this burden and strain weighs us down.

Where is the freedom?
Where are the new choices?
We become so restricted to the trees of choices from the ones we’ve already made.

No freedom to walk beyond the path.
No freedom to see that the path doesn’t exist.

Reaching out, will never be an easy task.
The weight that we carry makes it hard to do so.

We have to reach out before it becomes too late.
Before we break apart into nothing.

A wise friend once told me that the ones we love we must hold freely.
They too need to have their own choices. To stay or to go.
We can’t take away their freedom, we know the pain that the lack of freedom brings.

We must become accepting of their choices.

The choice to let go, the power to be able to let go of our struggles and burden,
It gives us the freedom to fly.

I’m letting go of it all.
I’m letting go of you.
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