Monday, September 10, 2012

Being you is privilage

Spending My time with my precious 
Outfit : Selena Dress, CK Nude Pump shoes, Mulberry Alexa
Having fun with my daughter 
Having Me time with my mom - Shopping & Salon *love her so much* 
Lovely Mommy in the world 

How to describe you : Im a lucky mother to 3 little adorable kids Michelle, Michael, Mikailo. A wife to a wonderful and silly man who always made my day, Moody and cranky woman,

Im  a bit obsessed about shopping . Can die for shoes, dress, bags, anything girls.But im not into brands minded. Im always on the look out for a bargain so I still can be careful with money.

 I Love to write and read. I love entertaining and throwing parties, sitting in cafes, dancing in clubs talking in bars, dining out with friends, parties, house gathering, picninc.and the most important  I love to eatttt..  I really love the idea of natural living , live side by side with a human being. that's why Im a very happy vegetarian woman.

I also love travelling (*especially leisure travelling*) , cant believe love rock concerts, any music concerts , live bands (except for the KPOP, and justin beiber ). :))

I cant think of anything more satisfying than laying on bed , pillow talk with Big or kids, lights down low, in my pijamas, watching crap on TV. Yeahh..somehow im a home girl at heart.

Basically,I Have a short memory of feelings, merciful, forgiveness. Fun , serious, fast , brainy, unpredictable, , lazy woman.

Being me is soooo privilage !
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