Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gadget war

Im not a really Gadget mania. but I love to follow the development of techie.

And I love to follow news bout this 2 big giant brands " Apple suing Samsung "  it makes powerful courtroom drama you know. Why calling it drama, is really faint praise. Its very entertaining and thrilling but the effects are shallow and they dont last. Drama court of the day. hehe :)

After the verdict the resulted in a call that Samsung should pay damages to more than 1 billion US dollars to apple patent.(*shape patent ?? so my body can be patent too ?? *heh*) . but yeahh this kind of blatant copying is wrong. And Money won as usual.

But what ever ?? That's not my problem and my concern. As a consumer i like both. Both have their own point of sales. Me personally love apple, and hubby love samsung. No longer hubby's birthday will come, about the gift which one is appropriate for him ??? Iphone 5 or Galaxy note 2 ?  (*heh*)
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