Thursday, October 4, 2012

Randomness : No reason not being HAPPY

God is really kind to me, Because He teaches me to be strong and patient in life. So many times I fall and get upset in life, But I always remind my self that GOD just give me a FREE training. When i can pass it and go through it , I become better person and tougher. Thanks God for this beautiful opportunity. 

Last month, Our home seems like get sick- marathon. Start from me, Big, Kai, Michael, Michelle. We got High fever, and me lil bit paranoid. But thanks GOD it  just a common cold. And Now kids already healthy and recovering. BIG Thanks once again to My BIG GOD, already give me straighten to face it out. 

Like usually after the rain, there's always beautiful rainbow. Now im very busy . I had Big Project with one of the Biggest Tel-company ( clue is : this company is from Canada ) YaaY.. easy to guess it rite ? Hopefully it can run smooth and happening. Thanks GOD once again for this prosperity. 

And Tomorow , we will had a great day with BIg and my friends. Ayee... Maroon 5 Concert in jakarta YaaY. Adam Levine pls come to mama. :P 

You see, Sometime in life we OFTEN get bad time. We all do. Life's Good or bad is depending on how we react to the situations we are forced to face and solve it. :) 

Have a nice day :) 

(*writing this post on my way to had lunch meeting with one of big boss of  ** telco*) suppa excited. 

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