Thursday, November 29, 2012

Choco Bar For Xmas

Christmas Chocolate Bar wrapper 
I always love personalized stuff. I always love being self attention. And I always love to feel personal. I love to received some Gifts that have personal touch. Written my name, something unique and hand made.

I always do love creativity. Something I passionate about. So when Christmas or any party coming, I love to make some handmade stuff. Yeah Maybe it is just a cheap things. But You know sometime people appreciate with what you make, and appreciate your effort on it.

My Kids had a habit, every christmas day , they love to share a small gift to their friends. Last year we share Xmas cupcakes with personal touch card, and this year they already asking me, what gift i already prepare for their friends. brain cant stop to think bout cute gift that should I make for them.

 And Tradaa...I came out an idea to make " Chocolate Gift " with personal touch.  I got this idea when I browsing and blog walking, how to do DIY wrappers. And yeahh.. Kids love it soooo much. 
Can I have it all for my friends, Mom ?? 
Its very cute and personalized rite..and YES lot of effort to make it. Soooo .. If you dont have much time to cut and paste..You can give to the expert one to made it. You can Click this Fans Page -- GOMICHI GOMICHI provide you very very beautiful Hamper for xmas and any kind of party needed. So just click, admire and Order it. Let GOMICHI do they job, While you take the CREDIT ..Voila !

Big Choco Bar - 150Gr 
Mini Choco Bar - 33gr 
Who not falling in love when you received something personal touch gift ? and your Kids Do love to share a cute gift to their friends, and get a praise from their friends with their blink blink eyes.

Enjoy your last November, and welcoming Christmas ..YaaY Christmas in the AIR ! woohoo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cheap But Nice

Nasi, Bakwan jagung, Telor balado, Tahu lodeh - Idr 8K :)
Makan untuk hidup atau Hidup untuk makan ?? 
We call this Menu is " FREEDOM " 


When everyone can feel the beauty of helping others, 
and vow to contribute to world’s suffering, 
then our world will be pure and hopeful.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mustaches Party

Mustaches Party
Celebrating Michelle , Daddy, Jessica, Violin, Weni, and Dickson'S Party 

Bulan november merupakan bulan yang padat dan hectic. Tapi merupakan bulan yang full of bless and blast. On saturday we celebrated November boys and gals birthday ( include my hubby ).The gals asked for Mustaches theme party. So I quick design and prepare for theirs birthday. I set up a little party goodie with another big mustaches. With very limited time , I prepared it very rush.

Mustaches Goodie bag

But Voila , the gals love it so much. We had a great party. They were great. And All the parents have a great chit chatted the whole time. It was really sooo great. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mustache Bash

Movember Day YaaY
My Girl turns 7th years old Ahaaayy. :) 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcoming JFW 2013

Front Row Seat 
 OMG..setahun lewat cepat sekali, rasanya baru saja Jakarta Fashion Week. Sekarang sudah JFW kembali. Arghh.. kaya sekejap mata berkedip. Tahun ini Jakarta Fashion week di adakan di Plaza Senayan. Kalau kita lihat dan berjalan - jalan di area Plaza Senayan, Buzz dari event ini begitu terasa. All bout Fashion. YaaY. Come & Enjoy the Fashion spirit until 9 November.

Ted Baker Fashion Show 

Ted Baker Fashion Show @Atrium PS day 2 
Anyway, Here is my outfit for JFW day 2 :

Day 2 Outfit :
Pinkemma Shirt , Zara Skirt, Wedges Payless , Scallope Necklace

Enjoying our meeting @Haagen Daz

Monday, November 5, 2012

Breathtaking : SKYE

Dining On Saturday with hubby, embracing my life. We decide to had our dinner @ SKYE, the most happening hangouts place in heart of Jakarta with featuring Sky-High seating.

I love the concept that Ismaya taking. Rooftop dining , with located at Menara BCA on the 56th floor.

The place is sophisticated , and the view of the city's skyline is truly a feast for the eyes.

The place is separated into two spaces, The outdoor area serves for lounge , they just provide tapas & drink. And the Indoor has a great modern design with a Sky and view of Jakarta's suite for fine dine.

Indoor Restaurant 

Us enjoying our dinner 

In here they provide Asian & western Cuisine. And they recommend to giving a try to the Spanish paella butter fish tangine..Very delicious. But too bad , I cant try it. But Im very surprise they provide Vegetarian menu as well. YaaY. So , I quick ordering Truffle Macaroni cheese. And its really YUMMY .. and My Hubby ordered Steak Beef Angus, mmm.. He said " the mash potatoes so so.. and for the steak okay but with that price is not reasonable. "

And Too bad we not order the dessert and any cocktails, since my stomach not really good. So I skip it. But  i heard the Tiramisu and the Margarita is the best. Will give a try someday

Truffle Macaroni cheese Vegetarian :) 

YaaY..They Provide Vegetarian Menu :)

And Overall, If You want to have a great time with your friends or having meeting with your partner , SKYE offers sophisticated experience. So you should come and enjoy it :)

And Ohh.. Yeah for you want to get a good spot, better you should make reservation first. Because its always packed and full.

The panorama is exquisite.
Here is the detail :
SKYE  Restaurant & Lounge 
Menara BCA , Level 56th
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Reservation : +6221-23586996 ( Recommended for the restaurant )

Opening Hours :
Sunday-Thurs : 10:00 Am ~ 01:00am
Fri & Sat / Public Holiday : 10:00am ~02.00am

Facebook : SKYE.Jakarta
Website :

The Good old Buddy gathering

Ning, Rocky, Me, Big, Donovan, Deddy, Valdi
Old Buddy always be there :) 
Hepi bener bisa ketemu bareng bareng lagi, and having a great gathering. Mengingatkan masa kejayaan jaman-jaman dulu , ber overclocker ria. Tergila - gila akan dunia IT. Masih inget banget, dulu gue selalu menjadi bahan banyolan mereka , karena kebodohan gue mengenai hardware computer. Paling seneng banget isengin gue dengan mencela cela salah satu  product brand name yang gua carry jaman dulu. Fuuh tapi kalian banyak ngajarin gua banyak hal, apalagi Deddy. Uh paling sabar deh jelasin dari A-Z. Sekarang dah sukses bener dengan passionnya di  Trus Donovan yang paling sabar ngajarin dunia Fotografi. Sekarang dah sukses jadi fotografi commercial. Proud of you masbro. Ahh kalian semua yang disana baik bangettttt deh..

Aihh... gak nyangka itu dah hampir 10 tahun yang lalu yaa... and we still the SAME ! cuma bedanya perut nya makin maju semua. ikutin Iklan Yamaha kata deddy " Semakin terdepan " ha ha ha ha.

Ahh.. Meski pertemuan yang singkat , tapi hepi banget. Kalian emang masih creative seperti dulu. Meski sekarang kalo disuru terjun lagi ke dunia hardware, jadi GAPTEK. Yang katanya, sekarang cuma nyalahin laptop taunya tombol ON dan OFF, dah gak ingat bencmark 3D dan bios ha ha ha. Tapi tetep deh kalian merupakan " Maestro" overclocker Indonesia. Trus Inget banget dulu di jaman lagi lomba-lomba overclocking, kalian sibuk mempersiapkan water cooling , pendingin dari berbagai macam bentuk dari ES , biang es, sampai NOS ( nitrous oxide ).

Great Friends, Great Gathering .... :)

Friday, November 2, 2012


Say Hi tri-plets... This picture I combined when they're 7months old. Dont you see their face seems look a like. Hi hi hi.. sisterhood and brotherhood always FUN. But Its hard for me to decide which of my tri-plets entertaint us the most. They are tooooo cute.

I want to update you super Quick milestone

My 7 Months old, Kai. Now can sits up like a cute little pig and crawls like a cute caterpillar. He's a real observer and like examining things. He loves to imitating his koko. And love to put anything in his mouth.

My 5,5 Years old, Koko Mike. Has begun his career as a profesional standing comedian. He love to make a jokes , jokes around all the time with his cheecky face and body language.He love his " ti ti " Kai so much. one day, I asked him to take care of his lil bro, He slept on my bed with his ti -ti around. And Kai rolling from one side to other side. Until He stop at end of bed. And Mike scream like hell, " mom, quick quick " I rushed running into my bedroom, and what i saw is " Koko clutched his bro's shirt with one hand like as holding a kite, while one hand grab his bro's head. Hope his bro not fall down ".  Ahh.. koko, mommy love you.

My 7 years old, Cie" Xian , is the brainy and mature one. Now she is so mature. He loves to studies and writing a diary. She loves to experiment with his written and ask me to read it. Ah.. she loves do mix and match dress.She is my good fashion adviser. And  Trust me, now we can exchange our clothes, She loves to wear my dress, shirt and skirt. Her shoes no. almost the same with mine. Hey..Mommy lil creature YaaY

As much as they are wearing me out and driving me crazy, Im really enjoying my kids at the moment.

Having 3 kids at our house, is the most right decision I took.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hubby Quote of today :

Big : Bingung sama cewek, cuma masalah TAS aja bisa bahasnya berjam-jam. Tas doang lor ini..tas doang.

Hah ???

Fashion Blogger Workshop

Come & Join !! Its a limited seat ....

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