Thursday, November 29, 2012

Choco Bar For Xmas

Christmas Chocolate Bar wrapper 
I always love personalized stuff. I always love being self attention. And I always love to feel personal. I love to received some Gifts that have personal touch. Written my name, something unique and hand made.

I always do love creativity. Something I passionate about. So when Christmas or any party coming, I love to make some handmade stuff. Yeah Maybe it is just a cheap things. But You know sometime people appreciate with what you make, and appreciate your effort on it.

My Kids had a habit, every christmas day , they love to share a small gift to their friends. Last year we share Xmas cupcakes with personal touch card, and this year they already asking me, what gift i already prepare for their friends. brain cant stop to think bout cute gift that should I make for them.

 And Tradaa...I came out an idea to make " Chocolate Gift " with personal touch.  I got this idea when I browsing and blog walking, how to do DIY wrappers. And yeahh.. Kids love it soooo much. 
Can I have it all for my friends, Mom ?? 
Its very cute and personalized rite..and YES lot of effort to make it. Soooo .. If you dont have much time to cut and paste..You can give to the expert one to made it. You can Click this Fans Page -- GOMICHI GOMICHI provide you very very beautiful Hamper for xmas and any kind of party needed. So just click, admire and Order it. Let GOMICHI do they job, While you take the CREDIT ..Voila !

Big Choco Bar - 150Gr 
Mini Choco Bar - 33gr 
Who not falling in love when you received something personal touch gift ? and your Kids Do love to share a cute gift to their friends, and get a praise from their friends with their blink blink eyes.

Enjoy your last November, and welcoming Christmas ..YaaY Christmas in the AIR ! woohoo
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