Friday, November 2, 2012


Say Hi tri-plets... This picture I combined when they're 7months old. Dont you see their face seems look a like. Hi hi hi.. sisterhood and brotherhood always FUN. But Its hard for me to decide which of my tri-plets entertaint us the most. They are tooooo cute.

I want to update you super Quick milestone

My 7 Months old, Kai. Now can sits up like a cute little pig and crawls like a cute caterpillar. He's a real observer and like examining things. He loves to imitating his koko. And love to put anything in his mouth.

My 5,5 Years old, Koko Mike. Has begun his career as a profesional standing comedian. He love to make a jokes , jokes around all the time with his cheecky face and body language.He love his " ti ti " Kai so much. one day, I asked him to take care of his lil bro, He slept on my bed with his ti -ti around. And Kai rolling from one side to other side. Until He stop at end of bed. And Mike scream like hell, " mom, quick quick " I rushed running into my bedroom, and what i saw is " Koko clutched his bro's shirt with one hand like as holding a kite, while one hand grab his bro's head. Hope his bro not fall down ".  Ahh.. koko, mommy love you.

My 7 years old, Cie" Xian , is the brainy and mature one. Now she is so mature. He loves to studies and writing a diary. She loves to experiment with his written and ask me to read it. Ah.. she loves do mix and match dress.She is my good fashion adviser. And  Trust me, now we can exchange our clothes, She loves to wear my dress, shirt and skirt. Her shoes no. almost the same with mine. Hey..Mommy lil creature YaaY

As much as they are wearing me out and driving me crazy, Im really enjoying my kids at the moment.

Having 3 kids at our house, is the most right decision I took.
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