Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My boy blast day

On january 5 th was Mike's 6th birthday party! We have been planning his party for weeks. Since he is currently Ninja go obsessed, of course he wanted Ninja go cake. He was imagining that it was going to be a realistics 3D sculpture of Kai ( red ninja go ) and i ordered to my sis in law. And she made it suppaaaaa coooll. Mike love it sooo much.

I organised a kid’s party for a few of Mike's cousin. I prepared all the birthday favor to make it personalized.

For the dessert table, i ordered cookies and cupcakes of ninja go from my step sis. And i made some swrill lollypop marshmallow, personalized chocho bar and milk.

And the goodie bags, i made mug with personalized designed.

Overall the party was really simple and laid-back. But most importantly, my little guy and his cousins had an absolute blast!

Hope it can inspiring u.

Hot hot dog

Have a nice day

Confidential conversation

When I'm waitting for mike doing his private job in the toilet.

We discussing very silly topic.

Mom : mike, do you know , no body can touch your " angry bird " ?

Mike : yes i know mom.

Mom : great...if someone ... ( he interupting me )

Mike : Yes if someone willing to paid, they can touch my "birdy". (He smile very. Big)

Mom : WHAT ?????

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