Friday, December 19, 2014

Break TIME !

Once again, just like expected, Its really getting harder to sit down and write a blog.  Already try to sit down , want to write something, Very-serious-blogging-sessions...Buttttt... 20 minutes later just empty blog in my screen. Fuuuhh..

I found that, the busier I am, the faster days gone. And sometimes I wonder where did the time go ? What did I do today ? How come I became very short memories , I didn't remember many details lately. Goossh... !

Time, can you tick your tock more slowly please?  I just open my eyes in morning and blink my eyes, and its already nite. I still remember how grumpy I am in the monday morning and fuuussshh... its already weekend. So many things to do.. but so little time I have. I always questioning myself, Did I use my time wisely ?

Okay then..Holiday season is coming, really need short gateway holiday, just to relaxing my mind and body. Really wish for relaxing holiday. But the fact, My nanny will take on leave on my holiday time. And Yes I need to take care my babies. (*Faint*). Cross finger ... i have so many helper to help me to take care of the kids, So I can do my household things. (hix..sad). What a great holiday to welcoming new year !

Talk about new year... Im so Proud and Happy with this year achievement. In Spiritual , Business , friends And family. I can feel that GOD so love me that much. God gave me those great achievement that sometimes I'm not dare to asked. I feel so gratitude. Thanks GOD for the amazing year. Hope in the next years, the growing achievement we will get.

I still remember how hard my life goes through, To many bumps on my path , But I still Praise to God. Without it I cant Growth like today.

Thanks universe for the hard lesson.  I will always keep my Faith that God will always stay beside me. Even i feel iam alone, I will always remember that teacher always in silence stay beside me.

My heart feel very calm and warm when read this nice words " when pupil is going through difficulty, and wonder where the teacher is, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test".


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