Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Work from home

 I've been setup Retail Online company home based. I’ve been working from home a lot lately!
 Unless I have to step out for meetings, most of the time I’m just answering emails and do Creative marketing strategy from my house.

But let me tell you guys .. working from home isn’t as glamorous as people might think! If you’re not careful, it can easily turn into you (or me) being in your pajamas for days at a time. And who can get any work done while being in their pajamas all day? Some of us just laying on your coach or bed,  feel holiday mood, just want to play with your kids half the time.. am I right?

But love it or hate it, work is work!

I always try to drag my self to maintain my productivity while working from home , maybe it can be consider as your tips especially for mommy who working from home.

First I always Get dressed well even though your office just in your dining room, or just small office corner your living room. What I mean is... I always disciplined myself to GET UP (like usually ppl go to office ) , Shower and dressed. It's so easy to feel like you're not working when you're in your pajamas, and even unmotivated because you have no where to go. But Im not saying ...get full of makeup , and heels and tight dress.

Hei.. You will feel perfect for being neat and comfortable while still keeping things professional (even just at home).

2nd is Designate a great work space. The best and worst thing about working from home is that you can work anywhere! you can be on you couch, your bed but that can be make you not productive. Because laying on bed with your notebook just make you want to watch youtube, or shopping , reading news or blog. (hahah). I have been finding it very helpful to designate an area that's my office. I have things on my desk to remind me of my desk back at the office. and flowers (esp. lily flowers ) a must. and My motivation books to keep me inspired while I'm working !

Third, being at home can be easily distracted because now I have a cute baby and a nanny walking around the house so in order to focus, sometimes I just have to commit to myself to forget my surroundings. and Ask my nanny's help and understands , if my baby cranky she will help me to take care and take the baby out first until my work's done.

Sometimes its about quality not quantity, And You'd be surprised with how much you can get done with a steady hardcore 2-4 hours of work if you just focused.(VS 8hours of distracted work).

It can get pretty depressing feeling like you're stuck in a house all day. So that's why I personaly like working in a cozy area, comfort area. Neat area. Because Im an incredibly visual person, so haveing a lot of light , cozy place helps me be creative and helps liven up my senses and keeps me awake ! hihih. So dont get confused, i love to tidy every corner of my room and working place to keep clean, neat and fresh.

Last but not least, Dont forget to play with your kids every once in a while. But definetly be sure to schedule in breaks. I know how easy it is to continuously sit behind a notebook and forget how much time has passed by.  But firstly its not healthy for you to sit a long periods of time, and secondly its not good for productivity when you're feeling worn out. Take a break ... Go out for a dessert or coffee..

And Im pretty much enjoy working from home. Until now i can see the progress of my business, and the cute baby growing.

Happy Working :) 
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