Sunday, July 3, 2016


Finally!!. Attempting to write blog agaiiiiin....Let’s see how long I can keep this. Hehe I’ve been meaning to re-create my personal blog but just couldn’t find the time to do so, and tadaaaa...using long holiday to redesign my blog to more "kekinian" haha it’s really time to get organized and order everything in line. Back to blogging again... start my day with maidless day. And  still undercontrol. Since last yeat, we dont use nanny anymore yaaay.. we only have regular partime mbak only. After decide not to have any maid i feeeelll more goood..its truuueee.... No more maid drama. Life is more peacefull haha

Be an entrepreuner and working home mom makes me have more flexible time to take care my household and family. But still struggling to manage my time. But its really soooo fun and bless. And i feel my life more colorful.

Ahhh  ..So many things i want to share in this up and down life story.

Will update and write much more.

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