Monday, July 4, 2016

A Beautiful day we called HOLIDAY

 Finally, we managed to have a little getaway hari raya holiday to visit Bandung and as I was sitting by the pool enjoy the scenery of the beautiful landscape infront of me. Oh my God, You are so awesome ! This years was so stressed out and hectic, I even dont have much precious time to enjoy and seize my days. Ah... thank you God for this beautiful opportunity. I know you always give us the best way.

This year went by like blur to me. It consisted of work, work and more work it's unhealthy and scary. All I know is now I don't want to be consumed by work. I want to have a life outside of and enjoy more of it. I want to be more in tune with my spiritual things and take pleasure in little things that make life interesting. I'm in desperate need of traveling and seeing new places. Everyone around me had some mileages outside the country. It was only me. Hah..I should out of my routine.

So this Bandung trip was something I needed to freshen up my mind. Good thing we stayed at Interontinental dago this time... couldn't be thankful enough for its green scenery that sooth my eyes. We also went to farm house this afternoon...yaap it was sooo crowded so we just take photo and go out from there and lunch at someplace (forgot the name) the place excatly besides the ranch lembang the food was soo good (esp the mushroom sauted and sambal dadak ).

After that we checked in,  Intercontinental dago was soo great. The view of our room is awesome. We upgrade our room from premium to panorama suite room.  We can see beautiful mountain anda greeny landscape from our window. The room is soo big. And i love the bathroom so bad. The pool even not that big, but the water is very warm. We enjoyed our quality time in the pool.

We close our day, dinner in the room, I order it using gojek application. Ahhh thanks to gojek. You make my life easier.

What a great day... thank you God im so thankful for this beautiful day , we can have quality time with big family. Feel so blessed.
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