Thursday, January 26, 2017

EO #1- Beat the chemical with natural

I have some concerns about my health right now ( GERD), and while the essential oils do heal, and do many great things, I want to make sure that my oils what is causing this issue. So Now, I have invest so many essential oil, and obsession into diffusing and I have experimenting with different blends, and reading up on the benefits of diffusing certain oils together, but my most favorite blend is detoxifying the home, kicking out sickness, and boosting immunity.

Today i  do, This diffuser blend is equal parts RC, Pepermint and Lemon. Because from yesterday my kids and me are down with flu .So i do some experiment  dilute the essential oil with carrier oil and scrub it on their chest and feet. And its really help us so much to recovering.

And this morning i woke up , i feel sore throat and feel sick and cold. And its feel suffer. So I  blend Purification, Thieves, and Lemon help me for the treatment of sore throats.

I wanted to share with you this strong diffuser blend because it is flu season, and if you are an oiler in need of a flu bomb, this is the diffuser blend for you! Try to beat the chemical medicine, try the natural remedies first. Hope this blog can help all of you !

 Stay healthy everyone.

Sherlly Wu 

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